Sample Agreements

Agreements are the formal accords signed before entering into an obligation between two or more parties. The terms and conditions are mentioned in detail for the sake of action in case of violation of the rules.

They may be classified into many types based on their purpose such as:

  • Lease agreement (rental agreements)
  • Service level agreements
  • Corporate business agreement
  • Employment agreement
  • Personal agreement
  • Wedding agreement

The agreements are of many types based on the necessity of the contract and certain attributes are to be considered exclusively for any agreement based on the requirement.

There are certain factors that are to be followed while writing an agreement such as:

  • The terms and conditions are to be discussed and clarified by all the parties who are involved in the agreement.
  • The persons or the organizations involved must be identified with their legal names so as to ensure that in case of any violations the courts accept the case from any party.
  • The mode of financial transactions between all the parties must be specified very lucidly so as to establish foolproof agreements which are clear in every aspect.
  • As the agreements are subject to the legal enforcement, all the laws which come into play in case of breach of the terms and conditions are to be discussed in the document and the actions to be taken in such a case is to be recited.
  • All the points must be in a language understandable by all the parties so that they memorize them well.
  • All the parties involved must sign the agreement along with the date as an act of consent for the sake of reference in case of any discrepancy.

We have a great collection of free sample agreements for reference so as to enable you to customize simple and foolproof agreements for any situation.


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Sample Agreements

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